Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick Language Lesson

Some of the vocab I’m probably using in my blog without even realizing it

Fale A house.  Notably, there’s the fale Samoa which is the gazebo like
house and then the fale palagi which is a house like we think in America.

Faleo’o A small fale

Palagi A foreigner

Pule School Principal

Faifeau Minister, Preacher, Priest

Tafao Hang out

Sole Unmarried, young, man

Puletasi Dress

Lavalava Sarong like skirt

Pisi Koa Peace Corps

And just a note, Samoa is pronounced SAH-mow-uh, not suh-mow-uh.


  1. I love the words for Peace Corps :)

  2. Great list. BTW it's Faifeau for minister/priest, as in fai=do, feau=service/chore/work. So ministers and priests are meant to be the doers of God's work.