Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The rush of classes

Whew, what a hectic week and a half of teaching!  As I said in my last post, groups have finally begun.  I’ve got years 4, 5, and 6 split into At-Risk, Middle, and Advanced for each year and each class has their own characters in the classes to make each interesting and unique.  They’re also all at vastly different levels!  I’m lucky if 2 out of the 9 are on the same topic.  I’m starting to feel some major respect for teachers in America who have to come up with so many different lesson plans ever single day!
Some of my favorite moments from this last week and a half at school:

  • ·      One of my year 5 boys came in a gave me a Snickers bar and ran out.
  • ·      I was reading a book to a year 6 girl during lunch interval when suddenly 10 others ran in wanting to hear me read. 
  • ·      Watching the year 8 boys and girls dashing down the road in front of the Vice Principals car thanks to a new rule that any students behind his car (or left at school) are disciplined the next day.
  • ·      My brother drawing Batman on the word poster his class was making with me
  • ·      Two girls coming in and wanting to borrow books from the library to read at home (understand, this library is never used.  This is huge!)
  • ·      My year 5 at risk class finally clicking with short vowels (success!!)
  • ·      Two year 1s taking each of my hands as we walked back to the village after school.
  • ·      My new friends Mativa and Mafa (years 3 and 4) who like to walk home with me each day
  • ·      Playing JENGA with my year 5 and 6 At-Risk groups.
  • ·      Walking up to school and every 10 seconds, “Good morning Michelle!” and a hearty wave, as I go by
  • ·      A little year 1 coming in while I’m on break and just staring at me, smiling.  He’s the picture below, so cute!  

This is why I joined the Peace Corps, the whole reason I came to Samoa.  I love it!  I feel so extremely lucky and blessed to by placed at the school that I’m in.  My pule and teachers are wonderful and so enthusiastic about helping the kids. My pule wants me to set up a training program for the teachers for literacy and reading.  I’m beyond thrilled at how excited he is about this program.  It makes me feel wanted and needed and honestly, who doesn’t need to feel that every now and then?

Love you all in America <3  Mom, Dad, Kiersten, Redell, Lily, PAUL AND HOOKER FAMILY RELATIVES, miss you all greatly.  I received a whole bunch of letters over Christmas and when I saw the pile in my mailbox I started crying right there in the office.  Feeling the love all the ways over here in Samoa was a wonderful thing.  Even got a letter from Sweden (thanks Yuta!).  Much love, ‘ou te alofa lo’u aiga

A few random photos:

Finally got a picture of the giant black lizards.  This one came into my faleo’o while I was visting my training village family.

Nora loves to sleep in the sun.  This was a particularly cute pose.

My brother is obsessed with Batman and Ironman.  So I cut out paper to make Batman and Ironman masks.  Nevermind that mine turned out more like a cat, we had a blast!

An almost perfect rainbow as seen from the school!

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  1. you have no idea how happy this makes me. You are making a difference in the world beautiful Michelle and loving it while you are doing it. You rock. Love all the photos and how much the kids adore you.