Monday, January 7, 2013


My permanent family is amazing.  I have 4 sisters between the ages of 18 and 25, and 2 brothers, age 9 and 10.  From oldest to youngest, they are Laititi, Puao, Lema, Eseta, Caleb, and Daniel.  I live on a compound with a Palagi style house (mine), 2 Samoan style sleeping fales, and a cooking fale.  Theres 2 dogs, a puppy, and a cat who looks about bursting with kittens.  My mom loves to garden and sells her plants for money.  So my yard is covered and beautiful.  My village is a single road that goes on for about 2km.  There’s no real beach access in my village but theres a great waterfall near my house that has a deep swimming hole.  After the cyclone, trees fell perfectly to creat climbing and different height jumps.  The kids swim here when its hot and jump and play fight each other off the logs.  The water is cold and so much more fun in my opinion than the ocean.

Just a few of the family

            Power was just turned back on yesterday (Jan 2nd) and it’s so nice to charge everything again.  The moon’s been so bright, I haven’t needed a light at night!  I also got to know my district’s SRO (School Superintendent).  His family has a generator and offered to charge people’s phones for them for 2 tala.  So I would sit over there and talk with him while my phone charged.
            Excited to spend two years here!

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