Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Backing

My family is incredibly supportive of me entering the Peace Corps.  My parents, while sad that I will be  leaving, are aware of the huge opportunity that I am being offered.  They have offered to to visit throughout my two years and to ensure I'm always supported.  I'm incredibly lucky.

At my recent family reunion, my relatives showed amazing support for me as well, though through one certain, odd way.  They had all the relatives take pictures of their best "Samoan" pose.  And by this I mean they all had no idea what a Samoan pose was and decided to make things up to amusing and great results.  I LOVE MY FAMILY!  If nothing else, they certainly know how to have a great time and how to be incredibly supportive to us all.

My sister and I 

1 month and 28 days until I depart!


  1. ha ha ha ha I had forgotten about this. YES. LOVE OUR FAMILY!

  2. ha ha what is Kiersten doing with her face!